DIY Mothers Day Gift Baskets

By Leslie Pleasants

There is no better way to show your love and appreciation on Mothers Day then giving your mom or a mom a gift basket.  Gift baskets can be easy and inexpensive but shows that you really put some thought into the gift.  They allow you to combine their interest and pleasures without being limited to just one simple gift.

The first step to creating the perfect gift basket is to pick a theme.  Start with what they enjoy doing.  Do they have a hobby?  What do they enjoy doing?  Do they need something to relax and indulge in?  This is where you get to get creative.  The entire process of finding things to fill the gift baskets should not take very long at all once you figure out a theme.  This time barely compares to the time that your mother will spend enjoying her gift basket that keeps on giving. 
You can also make smaller gift baskets for other moms in your life.   Grandma's, Mother-in-Laws, Sisters (that are moms), friends, etc... 

Here are some gift basket themes and ideas:
papers, pens, ribbons, stickers, brads, photo album, photo's, scissors

seed packets, shovel, water can, gloves, bulbs, flower pots, gardening labels

pasta, wine, seasonings, olive oil, utensils, kitchen towels, pot holders, recipe cards

solar lights, citronella candle, flashlight, table cloth, smores fixing's, beach towel

movie gift card, popcorn tub(dollar tree), popcorn, flavoring, candy, blanket

bath salts, lotions, body scrubs, relaxation music, candles, ear plugs, chocolate

canvas beach bag, sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towel, flip flops, shorts, tank top

baby names book, saltines, massage gift card, parenting magazine, anti-stretch mark lotion, peppermints

candle holders, long lighter, votives, tapers, pillars, snuffer, matches

hot chocolate, bars, cookies, hot fudge, flavored coffee, truffles, chocolate cookbook

protein bars, socks, work out dvd, water bottle, magazine, gym membership, towel

large mug, coffee, novel, chocolate covered espresso beans, coffee gift card

pocket electronic games, cards, poker chips, vegas plane tickets, poker rule book

hot glue gun, double sticky tape, papers, ribbon, scissors, stickers, stamps, ink pads

Crochet or Knitter:
assorted needles or crochet hooks, assorted patterns, ribbons, buttons, "made by" labels

lipstick, nail polish, cuticle oil, hand lotion, scented hand sanitizer, earrings, necklace, scarf

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