BTW ~ Sweet Trade Treats

I dare you to try to say "sweet trade treats" more than once even without saying "sweet twade tweets"

Ok , so i'm cheating a little bit with my bead table wednesday this week. These are trades I made for Art and Soul and they were on my bead table until I packed them up to leave this morning.
The theme this year is In The Garden and so i followed up on my theme for the fatbook pages and created vintage image charms and czech glass flower charms and added them to silverplated bracelets and then attached pewter garden fairies. The one pictured here is mine, notice the word "Souvenir" above the birds? Had to have it!
Instead of creating some kind of package for them, this time I attached one of my cards with sentiment on the back and tied them to the flower lollipops I ordered. 
There are 32 in total, less than I normally make for trades but it'll have to do.
I even found a gift bag in lime green with a big pink flower that said BLOOM on it. Perfect to carry them in. If I don't see you there,  I'll see you here in a few days when I get back!

What's on your table today?

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