Dinner Time Fun On St. Patrick's Day

Create a Fun St. Patrick's night dinner with one of these activities:

Conversation Starters
Create giggles and fun with these Free conversation starters from Happy Home Fairy during your St. Patrick's Day Family Meal.  Click here to print yours free.

Kids love BINGO especially when their are prizes. Gather fun items that your kids can WIN in  green and gold theme or gold chocolate coins  to use when you play BINGO.  WE even found a FREE printable BINGO cards from Tip JunkieClick here to print now.


 I'm Lucky to have you in my life because____________!

Each year I cut out Green shamrocks from construction paper then write on them - ”I am lucky to have you because….” .

Each family member is given 6 shamrocks so that they can personalize one for each member of our family ( we have 7 in our family). They write two reasons they feel lucky to have that family member in their life. During our on St Patrick’s day dinner we read them aloud. As the mom I love watching each of their faces light up as their sibling or parent reminds them of why we are lucky to have them in our lives.

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