Romantic Love Poems: Love On The Beach

Sea of Ecstasy: Romantic Art and Nude Art by Injete Chesoni
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Love on the Beach Poem
(I am Remembering)

A Romantic Love Poem by Injete Chesoni

I am remembering
Sunsets and blue skies
And your eyes
Gazing into mine
I am remembering
Gentle warm breezes
And sweet kisses
As your lips met mine
I am remembering
The sound of ocean waves
As you whispered sweet nothings
Into my ears
I am remembering
Pitch black nights and starry skies
And your soft sighs
As your thighs met mine
I am remembering
Love As it was
Love on the beach

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From Romantic Love Poems, Beach Poems and Love Poems by Injete Chesoni.

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